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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weigh In

My mom and I were having an interesting conversation while watching the Biggest Loser tonight.

Well, not really a conversation, I suppose. It basically went like this:

Mom: *Sigh* I wish our school systems would make it mandatory for middle and high schoolers to have physical education every year!

Me: I don't! That would be horrible! Besides, once you reach 12 you have already decided if you want to work out or not.... so if they don't want to participate, believe me, they'll find a way!


Yup, that was it.

So, my question is, what do you think? Should physical education be a mandatory part of every grades education, for middle and high school?

Is that the most effective way to use our education dollars, and, quite frankly, the time?

Let me know, I'd love to hear what you think!


Jorden and Kristin said...

schools don't?!? i was required to take 1 pe class per semester all the way thru highschool! i loved it though so i was okay with it. but wow i thought all schools did!!

Kelley said...

After working as a nurse in a primarily native american/hispanic school I wish they had more physical education/health education. I do agree that if they don't want to do it, they won't, but finding someway to get these kids healthier is so important. At least half the school is overweight (including their nurse), and a lot of it may stem from cultural foods/traditions. Trying to find creative ways to show kids ways they can stay healthy is so important!

Lindsey said...

I didn't know they didn't have it anymore, wow! I think you're right, but it would be nice for schools to endorse it anyway and offer healthier options for cafeteria lunches since so many kids are overweight.

Erin said...

Ugh. I HATED PE. Do I think that kids need more physical education, yes, but not in the traditional way that we currently offer. I think they also need more education on healthy living and making good eating choices. A lot of the education needs to start with the parents. My personal opinion is that if you are on government help, you should have to take parenting and life management classes... that includes diet/nutrition.

Hannah said...

I think it's a good idea to have it. Even if it's a shorter time period. Keeping them active, keeps them healthier which improves their quality of life, which helps them learn. Good thing to think about though.

Elizabeth said...

Schools need to teach physical education for all students. Kids must learn it at school because some kids dont learn at home.

Cita Online said...

Ummm, yes! I'm in total agreement with your mom. Kids eat so much junk in schools and are tending towards a more sedentary lifestyle as is.

Phys Ed should absolutely be mandatory - but playing kickball like we did in school where you mostly stand around doing nothing is not the way to do it.

Anne said...

Never having gone to public schools, I don't really know... but I think kids need to get some exercise... so many kids are severely overweight due to highfat snack foods, fast food, and pop, that it seems like something needs to be done. There are no easy answers. So i'm just shutting up now... :)

Callie Nicole said...

Hmm, interesting question. i'm not sure I have an opinion one way or another. Part of me says yes, it would be good to get kids to be active. But part of me resists any sort of governement control, and I feel like this qualifies. So yes, I'm not sure. I think it would be even better if the government just stayed out of it and parents took the responisibility for getting their kids to be active.

Brian and Ashley said...

Good thought- it was required at my high school, but could be exchanged for a sport or band. I think it should be though, just for the ability to be active and get energy out. And students have an avenue to learn new talents or interests.
I guess I just gave you a 2nd grade teacher answer :) Oh well.

Love is the Movement said...

When I ran cross country in high school there was a girl who had never run before, or participated in any kind of team sport like that. She didnt lead an active lifestyle and could barely run a mile without stopping to walk. By the time she graduated high school she loved to run and ended up getting on the FSU cross country team. So just because you might not have been led to exercise as a child does not mean you cant adopt new habits. PE should definetely be mandatory. If math is mandatory until a certain point, so too should exercise be required! Some might even say its more pertinent to the rest of your life than math is :]