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Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls' Night Out and Kids' Night In

Last Sunday was one of my best friend, Jessica's, birthday, so we celebrated on Wednesday with girls' night! Of course someone, *ahem* forgot to make a cake, so brownies it was! And then someone also forgot candles, so we figured a cookie flavored candle in a jar would have to suffice. Oh how I love these girls!

Then, on Friday, I kicked Mrs. Angela out of the house for the night and took over with her four kiddos.

Man I love those kids.

We had fun in the kitchen, cooking homemade pizzas, with toppings like pineapple, pepperoni, and green peppers (SO YUM!)

Then we worked on a craft ish type thing without destroying the home. We painted "boutique" style chip clips, which we had seen in a store earlier that week and loved. I'm not sure how well they were actually received, lol, but it's the thought....

Then we made homemade dessert pizzas, with peanut butter and/or chocolate chip cookie dough and assorted candy decorations.
One did not turn out due to too many gummi worms. {not pictured,}

I tried to warn them that gummi worms do not fair well in the oven!


M said...

Can't go wrong with pizzas + sweets!!


hahaha! That's cute! And looks like it was so much fun!! :) Love & blessings to ya'!!

Risley said...

aw! looks like fun!

Angela said...

Our life would not be the same without you in it. I love you and thanks for kicking me out of the house. It was a treat for me but clearly an even bigger treat for the kids!!!!! :-)

Angela said...

oh and FTR the boutique chip clips were WELL RECEIVED!!!! I seriously LOVED them-- you are so thoughtful and creative!!!!!

Kelley said...

What fun!