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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just In Case

In case you were wondering.....

We only have 2 weeks left here in Virginia!

There is less than 1 month until my sister's wedding!

There is EXACTLY one month until we move to Vancouver!

I am extremely sick of cafeteria, I may be skipping real meals and just eating cereal in my apartment.

Blood Orange Tea may sound disgusting, but it smells and tastes like a warm Florida summer day.

We MAY have figured out how and where to spend our first Stateside Assignment (in 2013...we're longterm planners.)

It's finally warm here. At least for today anyways.

I bought my first pair of peep toed shoes and they are adorable!

And finally, only 2 weeks left until I have real internet again and I can attempt to get caught up on blog world! I've said it once, but I'll say it again, I miss ya'll!


Tori said...

Wow! 2013? That is longterm! I don't even know where I'll be at the end of next year! I just got my first pair of peep-toed shoes for my birthday in December =) You've got a lot coming up in the next month--hope it's fabulous! <3

Lauren said...

Yay for peep toed shoes! I think they are my favorite style & you can wear them with anything!

katie beth said...

I was wondering about you guys! Glad for the update. I agree with Lauren about the peep toes.

A lot going on in the next month for you all. Hope you are getting to enjoy a bit of the wedding planning even if its from afar.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Loved seeing your 365 photos so far :) Hope everything is going well, you sure have lots to look forward to x

Truly His said...

Can't wait to have you back!! :)

Kelley said...

yeah for the exciting next steps! In college our cafeteria was TERRIBLE so I frequently would eat cereal for most meals. Best decision I ever made!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like time is flying by! :-) xoxo!

The Holmes said...

Yay for peep toe summer shoes! Post a picture! I always love to see what people find:)

steve said...

miss you! can't wait to see you girls again! luv ya! unca Steve