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Saturday, June 12, 2010

{Before} The Shoot

Today's the day!

In about six hours, I will be standing in a park, scoping out the best locations for a photo shoot with a one year old.

A one year old! What was I thinking? If I want to be traumatized by my love for photography, this was definitely the way to go! Why didn't I line up a shoot with a happily married couple first? People who would sit still, smile, and, I don't know, understand me?!

Sorry, that was a momentary lapse of pure panic.

Alright, I'm better now.

So, I told my friend, J's mom, to bring at least 2 different outfits, plus a favorite toy or two, plus his name sign that's in his room.

And the cupcake thing would be perfect, except they are doing that at his party next weekend and don't want to spoil the fun of the party.

Boy shoots are SO hard to figure out.

Girls, well, you just throw in tu-tu, a lollipop, or a cute bow/hat and you've got a great picture.

But boys? I'm kind of at a loss. I've scoured the internet for "how to do a 1st birthday shoot for boys," but haven't found anything!

Any ideas?


katie beth said...

you're going to do great!

I think little boys look cute with their Daddy's baseball caps on or when they sit on big footballs, soccer balls or basketballs. But I'm not a photographer...

Jessica said...

Yay! How exciting! I'd say just try to capture him being natural and cute, because he's probably going to move and squirm a lot! lol...I'm sure you will do great!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Have more faith your going to be fine :)

PaigeR530 said...

Hi Brittney! Nice to meet you! Glad to have you as a follower on my blog, I look forward to getting to know you!

Kristen @ said...

aww have fun!! Good luck!!

krislyn. said...

Can't wait to hear and see how it went!!

Heather said...

That's so exciting, I know you will do great! Hope you share a few of the ones that you take!!

Lauren said...

Yes, I'm very far behind but I can't wait to hear how it went! I'm sure you were great!

Hannah said...

so how'd it go??