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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'll post more about how the photo shoot went on Saturday, but the gist of it is this: I didn't plan very well for the timing. So I'm pretty bummed about how alot of the pictures came out due to the harsh sunlight. I'm going to go over tonight, around 6 and get a few more shots in a more filtered light situation. For now, here is a preview!


Justine said...

Those are so, so cute!! Can't wait to see more!!

Brian and Ashley said...

Brittney! Great pictures! You did a great job using the light- that first picture is especially awesome!

Hannah said...

Yeah, Sometimes it's just hard to work around babie's/kid's schedules to get pictures of them in more desirable lighting. I find that many parents ask for right in the middle of the day...outside. I tell them it wont be the best. But if it's all the time we have, we go for shade... I think it helps. Anyway those look good!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I LOVE the second one!