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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy One Week, Grace!

It's hard to believe that our little Grace has been with us for one week now. It has been a week of indescribable joy and inexplicable happiness. Ian and I are learning so much and growing together as new parents.

Grace weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 inches long at birth. Our hospital didn't reweigh her when we left and we don't go back until she is one month, so I'm curious at how much weight she lost in the first few days and how she is gaining.

Clothes: She wears size one diapers and is in newborn clothes. Both are too big on her and the clothes swallow her whole! She's kind of particular about clothes- she seems to get fussy if the material isn't super soft or if the seams are rougher or if they aren't tight enough on her (she can't wear her gowns yet because they don't hold her tight.) I know that sounds crazy, that a baby could be particular about clothes, but it makes sense to me- her nervous system is on overdrive and she can't take in touch much outside stimuli.

Food: Grace is breastfeeding really well and we are so blessed by this. I wasn't able to try feeding her right after she was born because she was taken to the NICU, but I was able to the following day, about 12 hours after she was born, which was exciting. She latches on correctly and as long as I relax and am not stressed it is a great experience. My milk came in about 48 hours after she was born and she is one happy feeder!

There was about 48 hours where she didn't have a bowel movement as we went from colostrum to milk and I was a little concerned but on our second day home she showed us who was boss and let's just say we are no longer concerned, ha!

She feeds every 2 1/2 to 3 hours for about 30 minutes at each feeding, during the day and during the night she feeds every 3-4 hours. We're getting in 8-9 feedings a day and she seems to have settled into a nice routine.

Sleep: Grace sleeps pretty much any time she's not eating. Ha! She has a few sporadic moments of alertness but other than that she's asleep. She loves to sleep in warm PJ's and all swaddled up. She sleeps at night in her crib and naps during the day in our pack n' play in the family room. Occassionally she wakes up crying during her naps, but a quick snuggle or a walk around the house usually settles her down. We've tried not to use a Paci, but 2 or 3 times when she was inconsolable we've popped it in, only for her to make faces like "what the heck is this? this isn't food!" but it usually confuses her enough to calm her down!

*My favorite cry of Grace's is this slow non piercing cry that literally sounds like "Wa-Ahhhh." It makes me laugh every time.
*Grace makes this singular hiccup sound and it sounds like a drunk hiccup. It cracks us up and we call her Squeekers, because of it.
*Grace has a tendency not to actually wet her diapers until it's changing time. Probably 8 out of 10 diapers are dry until after I open them and wait for a minute or two. Sure enough, it'll be wet! Sorry if that's too much information, but we think it's funny. Now we are just trying to figure out if it is the cold air or if it's because she gets worked up during diaper changes.
*Grace really wants to be a thumb sucker. Problem is, she can't figure out what to do with her other four fingers. Usually she gets her thumb in and then the rest of her fingers fish hook her eyelids and she gets upset/hurt.


Emily P. said...

nothing sweeter than a newborn :)

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, sounds like you guys are settling right in! Newborns sleep SO MUCH in the first few weeks. Wyatt tended to wet his diapers during changing time too, but it's much more messy with a boy - ha! We've perfected the art of keeping him covered during the diaper change as much as possible.

Cara said...

I don't blame her at all - I would want the soft, snuggly clothes, too! :) What a sweetheart.

Emily said...

Happy First Week in the World, Grace! It's a much sweeter place now that you are here! I've gotta send you some mittens for leaves the thumbs out and covers the rest of her hands, so she can't scratch herself! Love the nickname Squeekers...too cute! I'm thinking in the picture she wasn't squeeking...she looks downright ticked! Gotta love a girl who loves to eat!

Mrs. Lukie said...

She's just so darn cute!! (And I'm sure you know this, and might be tired of hearing it...she looks so much like Ian in this picture!)

Love that you guys are finding a nice, comfortable routine & everyone is happy.

Lyndsey said...

Liam and Grace sound very much alike! His newborn clothes swallow him whole as well and I know exactly what cry you're talking about because he does it too and I just love it!

Happy One Week Grace!

Courtney said...

I cannot believe your beautiful baby girl is one week old already. I'm glad you're taking so many pictures of her so we can watch her grow! My love to the 3 of you!

Tana said...

She's so precious!! Glad things are going smoothly!!

Rachel and John said...

She's so CUTE!
IN birthing class they told us that the cold air during a diaper change will often make the baby pee.

Rebecca Louise. said...

She is adorable and it looks like you are both doing so well!

Anne said...

Awwwww!!!!!! :)
What a sweetie!
Glad things are going well for your little family!!

Alison said...

She is such a beautiful baby! I am just so happy for ya'll!!! Enjoy these sweet newborn days...they go by so fast!

Kayla Rae said...

She is so cute!

Emily said...

Brittany, she is beautiful even when crying :) Enjoy this week!

Amber said...

Eden is the same way! When the cold air hits her or I touch a cold wipe to her little bum, there goes the pee everywhere! Haha. I was surprised by it a couple times and have had to do a few clothing changes, but I'm getting the hang of it now! Funny how these things make us laugh...who thought pee could be cute/funny??

The Taffs said...

She is beautiful! I think she looks like you!