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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On The Last Day of 2013

Snippets of our last day of 2013 which just so happened to be our first day back in Abu Dhabi! 

-Grace sleeping in our bed for the first time ever, for the last few hours before we got up. 

-waking up in our hotel and looking out to see the skyscrapers around us!

-Taxi rides- Grace was pretty disturbed that A) we didn't have our own car and B) a stranger was driving us. 

-Lunch out and errands with my little family, so happy to be back where we know we are supposed to be!

-Long afternoon nap as we all begin dealing with the beast that is jet lag!

-Waking up to The Sound of Music on TV. An Anime version. In Arabic. What a different world we are in now!

-Exploring the city around us on foot at night. Grace skipping gleefully along and Sophia waving at passerbyes. 

-NYE dinner at a falafel place with Auld Lang Syne in the background. Surreal. 

-Grace begging us for a Banana Juice from the juice place down the road, so glad that these odd things are so normal for her!

-Snuggled on the couch with Ian, watching an Arabic trivia show that we totally would have won. Maybe next year! 

Happy New Years!

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Melissa Lance said...

So glad you made it back safe. We miss you! -Tim, Melissa, Allie and Ben